What is Hyprcubd?

Hyprcubd is a purpose-built serverless time-series database that is designed from the ground up. We facilitate real-time data analytics at scale coupled with the advantage of SQL. In real-time, you can predict and identify anomalies and power analytic dashboards.

Without having to worry about infrastructure, you can focus on presenting your customers with more features. Serverless delivers seamless performance while saving you time and money.



You do not need to manage any servers or plan capacity, only pay for what you use! Our serverless architecture gives you the convenience of writing and running queries hassle-free. No more worrying about the underlying infrastructure.



Our columnar storage is designed from scratch utilizing modern search engine techniques. We diligently divide data based on time so that time-based queries are much faster than traditional databases. We analyze query patterns and optimize each layer for future queries.



Don’t waste your time learning a new query language. Jump right to work with one that your developers and business analysts are familiar with. Immediately insert and analyze your data with SQL — the standard language for database management systems.

Use Cases

Data Pipeline

Real Time Analytics

Let us help you create real time dashboards for your applications. In this era of data-driven industry, it is an absolute necessity to have up to date information.

Internet of Things (IoT)

"Around 10% of enterprise-generated data is created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud. By 2025, Gartner predicts this figure will reach 75%."


Our data platform is designed to handle these new workloads and process data where it is most efficient.

Big Data

Handle tomorrow's big data problems today. Whether it may be logs, events, metrics, or anything in between, Hyprcubd is built to handle big data efficiently and cost effectively from the edge to the core.

Event Streams

Event streams are at the heart of your system. They are constantly evolving and expanding. Building and operating a system to handle streaming data is a complex and laborious task. Free your DevOps teams of the operational headache of managing such a system.