A table is a collection of data with a specific schema.


  1. To create a table, browse to the database you wish to add it to and click “Create Table”
  2. Creating a table should take less than a minute. During this time, it will display “Creating” status.
  3. Once it is ready, the status will change to “Running”.


Click on the table to view more details about it.

This will show:

  • Rows
  • Storage
  • Time Range
  • Retention


By default, all tables have retention disabled which means data is kept forever. If you would like to purge old data, you can configure retention for each table.

To configure retention, click “Configure” then select “Retention”.

Retention can be disabled “Keep data forever”:

Or, retention can be set to a given number of hours:

As the warning shows, data will begin to be purged after this setting. Data cannot be recovered once it is purged.


To delete a table, click “Configure” then select “Delete”. A confirmation dialog will confirm your action.

Warning: This action cannot be undone.